We offer e-learning technologies that support the teaching process in the academic sector. We provide quick and convenient learning, greater efficiency, and better results. Check how e-learning can help you and why it is worth using it.

E-learning platforms

If you are looking for modern and flexible tools that will support the education process in your institution, an e-learning platform is the perfect solution.

Training needs

Respond to training needs quickly and efficiently. The e-learning platform is a stable, convenient and easy-to-use tool that does not require complicated technical knowledge.

A range of functionalities

Share and publish online courses to users whenever you need them. The transparent and intuitive platform has many functions that will make it easier for you to share knowledge and educational content.

Activity monitoring

On the platform you will find detailed reporting of users' achievements and progress. Thanks to this, you can monitor their activities on an ongoing basis and download reports according to selected criteria.

Why is it worth choosing?

  • You will quickly and efficiently conduct the training process in your organization or institution.
  •       You don't need to have IT knowledge. The platform is extremely intuitive to use.
  •       The e-learning platform is available 24/7 and allows you to learn conveniently anytime, anywhere and at your own pace.
  •       The platform is constantly updated and developed. You can also count on ongoing support and assistance from our experts.
  •       You will provide a stable tool for the development and implementation of ad hoc needs related to education.

What do we offer?

Our offer includes over 80 complete online courses and 400 training modules prepared in SCORM packages. We provide courses on topics such as:

  • Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • IT
  • Economy
  • Tourism and Recreation

Avista CM cooperates with the well esteemed Vistula University. We are the only organization from Central Europe whose courses are available on the MOOC platform - Canvas.net.

AVISTA also provides support in the EOCCS certification process in the field of e-learning materials ( https://www.efmd.org/accreditation-main ).

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