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Eduexpert is an educational multimedia publishing house offering interactive tools and content. We provide comprehensive solutions supporting educational processes in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. We use modern technologies and digital materials to meet the most important educational needs. Eduexpert offers different forms educational content: visualizations, animations, interactive simulations, films, educational games and many others. The company has developed over 25,000 teaching materials for the Ministry of Education and Science in Poland. We also specialize in creating custom content for schools, teachers and teacher improvement centers. Find out more what we can do for your institution.

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Rubicon is an innovative language platform offering courses tailored to various levels of proficiency. This solution is addressed not only to universities to support the teaching process of students, lecturers and trainers, but also to enterprises.

Our offer includes a set of audio materials and interactive exercises, divided into various thematic modules, including those adapted to the needs of vocational education. The Rubicon platform provides support for instructors, enabling them to manage content, generate progress reports and communicate effectively with course participants. It is worth noting that the educational materials of our platform are based on current curriculum guidelines and are compliant with WCAG standards.

We run courses at various levels of language proficiency, from A1 to C1, which allows us to adapt the course to individual needs and skills, promoting effective language learning and comprehensive language development. The Rubicon platform has a clear structure that makes it easier to acquire speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. Due to the modular structure of the platform, instructors have the freedom to choose the course level and content tailored to specific groups of participants. The Rubicon platform is a user-friendly solution that enables learning anywhere and anytime, while ensuring full compatibility with external systems.

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Rest and learn project

“Rest and Learn Project” is a unique combination of learning and active recreation in a picturesque setting of Ogonki town in Masuria Region. Our initiative supports lifelong  education in the fields of gastronomy, foreign languages and piloting, providing modern infrastructure for acquiring new skills. It provides the opportunity not only for personal growth, but also for business development, contributing to the creation of new jobs.

Our offer not only makes it easier to acquire new skills and knowledge, but also gives you a chance to relax and regenerate. To achieve the best results, it is necessary to support both the mind and body. Therefore, the “Rest and Learn” project offers both inspiring educational activities and health-promoting events that help to maintain balance and harmony in life.

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Consulting solutions 

We specialize in strategic consulting services that enable small and medium-sized enterprises to use digital competences and stimulate digital transformation. Thanks to a proven history of successful projects, we are leaders in developing cutting-edge solutions for various business sectors. That is why we are happy to share our experience and knowledge in the education and technology industries to support companies in effective development.

Our team combines strategic insights with practical execution, ensuring that our clients not only recognize the importance of digitalization, but also seamlessly integrate it into their everyday operations.

We offer tailor-made solutions that meet the unique needs of each organization. Using our solid knowledge of project management, we meticulously supervise schedules and budgets, ensuring an effective transformation process. Our core competencies include implementing internal communication platforms, online training programs, and facilitating remote and on-site team collaboration. We are committed to developing digital competences and driving significant digital transformation in various sectors.

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