We provide the necessary support in obtaining funds and subsidies for the implementation of EU projects. Our team of experts will help you complete all formalities and take care of legal matters.

How can we help you?

We offer comprehensive support in obtaining and settling subsidies from public sources, in particular subsidies from the European Union funds. We specialize in developing applications and managing EU projects.

We help in creating project documentation. We provide legal services in the field of:

  • university consolidation,
  • succession and changes in the ownership,
  • giving opinions and preparing internal university acts: statutes, regulations, resolutions, orders, etc.,
  • current functioning of the university.

Our experience

  • We have a highly qualified team with extensive competences in project management and implementation.
  • We cooperate with a number of trainers and external experts.
  • We are characterized by an individual approach to the client and partnership relations.
  • We record high effectiveness in applying for grants, which translates into success and customer satisfaction.
  • We have many years of experience in applying for EU funds, project management and settlement of applications.
  • Our staff are top-class professionals, specialized not only in management, consulting and customer service, but also in the area of strategy and formal and organizational issues.

What does the offer include?

  • Development of application documentation

We will help you create an application for project funding and prepare the required documentation for making orders public and necessary attachments, including business plans, feasibility studies, etc.

  • Project management

We offer comprehensive support in project management and settlement. We can handle all formal and organizational matters for you, provide legal advice and financial settlements.

  • Serving foreign investors

We provide legal and financial assistance in locating investments in Poland, including with the support of various public aid mechanisms.

  • Acquiring investors

Do you have an idea for an innovative solution that can achieve commercial success and you are looking for an investor? Are you looking for funds to realize and implement your initiative? We will find them for you.

  • Development of strategic documents

Do you need support in planning development directions for your company or institution? We will provide you with the necessary support in creating a strategy and taking the most important actions to build a better future for your venture.

  • Specialized training

We offer specialized training in the field of European funds, cohesion policy, public procurement law, competition law, and industrial property protection law. Our courses are conducted by practicing trainers, according to the latest trends and methods of teaching adults. We organize both open and closed training.

The most important sources of external financing, including those not only of a grant nature:

  • European Union Structural Funds 2014-2020, i.e. the so-called new programming period of the Structural Funds. However, their nature and structure is completely different from the EU funds available in previous years, and the keywords are innovation, intelligent development and internationalization.
  • Horizon 2020 is a European Union program for scientific research and innovation available to all EU countries and Associated countries, allowing both universities and entrepreneurs to apply.
  • Erasmus + is a comprehensive financial support tool for institutions and organizations operating in the field of education and training, youth and sport in Europe.
  • "Europe for Citizens" is another EU program for 2014-2020, aimed at increasing citizens' awareness of European history and integration and understanding the impact of EU policies on everyday life.
  • National funds are grant competitions of public administration bodies, independent of the Structural Funds, enabling the financing of projects implemented by various types of entities. The most important sources of financing include ministerial competitions ( MPiPS , MKiDN , MSiT , MN, MR, etc.) and programs of other public institutions ( NCBiR , NCN, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, etc.)
  • Non-grant sources of external financing include primarily loans and preferential credits, guarantee funds and various forms of capital investments.