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We have been supporting the educational market for over 10 years using diverse competences and extensive knowledge in many areas and specializations. We create educational products and solutions for education, academia and the SME sector. We actively implement a number of initiatives and projects for universities, students, lecturers and educational institutions. We know that what is outside of it is also important in effective education. That’s why we provide support both in applying to studies and arranging accommodation. We help make dreams of studying in Great Britain come true, and we enable foreigners to study comfortably at Polish universities. We comprehensively respond to all needs related to education and facilitate the implementation of the most important processes related to them.

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Our area of specialization includes solutions supporting the broadly understood educational process. We care about international cooperation in the education sector and the academic market.


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We help Polish students get into their dream university and plan their studies in the UK. We make the college application process easier. We provide the necessary assistance with all formalities and implementation of all application processes. We provide expert advice and support.

Our goal is to support foreign students in their education at renowned Polish universities. We believe that Polish universities are an attractive place of education not only for people from Europe, but also for other nationalities. We provide the necessary support in applying for the desired course and accommodation.

We ensure comfortable learning conditions and support accommodation for international students who want to study in Poland. We offer a modern and friendly space for study and relaxation in the heart of the university town in the center of Warsaw.

We perfectly understand how important it is to develop competences and skills, both in the business world and in the educational environment. Our brand offers a wide range of online schools and courses necessary for every student, employee and employee. Gain knowledge with Avista Education. Acquire key skills and develop talents.

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