One area where Avista Consulting Company is especially strong is its position in international student admissions..


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We offer university admission for Polish Universities. You will benefit from already established contacts and our streamlined admission procedure we offer to you at no extra cost.


AVISTA has so far recruited more than 5000 international students from 77 countries. We reach these students directly or through our extensive educational consultant network. By working with Avista, you will reach quality students from all over the world while reducing your recruitment costs.

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One area where Avista Consulting Company is especially strong is its position in international student admissions. Acting as a focal point in the triad of international students, universities and agents, Avista brings together these parties and serves each to maximize their benefits. Avista does international marketing extremely well as its track record in student recruitment has shown. We have exclusive agreements with prominent Polish universities to represent them overseas and find the best possible group of students to fill their lecture halls. You will also find a short introduction on higher education landscape in Poland and why it makes sense for international students to study at a Polish University

Poland and education

Poland and education

Poland is one of Europe’s up-and-coming study abroad destinations. As a historical center of learning and culture, Poland has produced many great men like Nicholas Copernicus, Chopin and Marie Sklodowska Curie. Higher education in Poland started in the middle ages. In 1364 the first Polish university (later called Jagiellonian) was created in Cracow. Many higher education institutions were established after World War II but the communist regime imposed on Poland stifled economic and intellectual growth for many decades. After 1989 higher education in Poland changed dramatically. Borders were opened, leading to free mobility and autonomy of universities in curricula and management. New laws concerning higher education, convertible Polish currency, easy communication, (telephone and Internet), and access to European education and research programs made higher education more accessible. Poland today is a member of European Union and has a thriving economy. It is also becoming a hotspot for tourism, Silicon Valley companies and, most importantly, international education. Studying in Poland is becoming an attractive, affordable option for many people who want to work and study abroad, with 6 of its universities in the QS World Ranking 2015-2016.

Due to its economic success and quality of educational institutions, Poland attracts an increasing number of students each year, currently having around 60 000 international students.  Poland offers them very competitively priced education in a very safe environment. Apart from being very affordable, Poland gives opportunities to international students to stay and work after receiving a degree if they wish to do so, but it also lets them work part-time during their studies to support themselves financially and gain professional experience.

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