Rubicon is an innovative language course platform, available at various levels, both for universities, vocational education institutions and enterprises. Our offer includes a set of audio materials and interactive exercises, available in thematic modules, including content adapted to special educational needs.

The Rubicon platform supports instructors, enabling content delivery, management, report generation, progress tracking, and effective communication with students.

What makes the Rubicon platform unique?

  • Our courses are developed in collaboration with foreign language teaching experts, native speakers, and program coordinators, ensuring alignment with current curriculum guidelines.
  • We offer language proficiency levels from A1 to C1, and our platform allows for course customization to meet individual needs and language level of the students, promoting effective learning and comprehensive language development.
  • Our platform features a clear structure that facilitates learning in speaking, reading, writing, and listening.
  • Thanks to the modular design of the platform, instructors have the flexibility to choose the course level or content focus.

The Rubicon platform is user-friendly, enabling learning from anywhere, at any time, while maintaining full compatibility with external administrative systems.

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